"Look within! The secret is inside you". - Hui-neng

The Passport To Spiritual Adventure Tour

Life is a journey and often we are too busy or harassed to enjoy it to the full.

Over time the stress we endure can cause us mental and even physical pain

Why not visit an oasis of calm?

We invite you to join what is literally the journey of a lifetime.

A journey that combines beauty with luxury but most of all provides the inner calm your soul is crying out for.                                                                

As we glide through the calm waters off Vancouver Island, our expert guides will talk with you and a very few like-minded guests. We offer you the opportunity to discuss personal development and will look at specific themes, such as healing, psychic awareness, spiritual awakening, the mystery and history of Tarot and of course local history and places of interest.

You will also be able to explore areas of spiritual importance and natural beauty that the fabled Vancouver Island Shamans of the ancient First Nations aboriginal tribes have enjoyed and respected for over 5000 years.

Native tribes such as Namgis, Haida, Songhee and Mowachatt invite you to respectfully visit their sacred areas of outstanding natural beauty aboard the motor yacht Northwind, gliding gently into areas that are restricted to the general public.

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